Glass Cullet

These standards and practices apply to container glass cullet for purchase or sale in the United States and Canada. Transactions covering shipments to or from other countries may also be in accordance with these standards and practices and may be modified by mutual agreement between buyer and seller. These specifications are guidelines for buying and selling container glass cullet and always subject to the buyer and seller’s agreement.

Glass Scrap

Material Recovery Facility (MRF) Glass

Terms & Conditions

The Purchase Agreement Each transaction covering the purchase or sale of container glass cullet should be confirmed in writing and include agreement on the following items: 1. Product Where possible, each container glass cullet grade shall be specified in accordance with the grade as defined. 2. Quantity Where possible, the quantity shall always be specified in terms of a definite number of tons of 2,000 pounds each. A. If the quantity is specified in tons, the order shall be considered completed when aggregate shipments are 5% under or over the quantity ordered. B. If the quantity is specified in carloads or truckloads, a “load” shall be defined as a truck, trailer, or railroad car loaded to full visible capacity not to exceed established legal weight limits. 3. Packaging It should be stated whether shipped units are to be in boxes, or in bulk by railroad car, truck, or trailer. Where possible, approximate weights should be specified. 4. Price Units The price agreed upon shall be clearly stated in US dollars and cents per 2,000 pounds or in US dollars and cents per hundred weight. 5. Terms Terms shall be “net cash 30 days after date of shipment” unless otherwise agreed upon. Arbitration In the event of a total disagreement between buyer and seller, the dispute should be submitted to ISRI arbitration. In all cases, the cost of arbitration shall be borne by the party found to be at fault, or split in the event of compromise, as determined by the arbitrators.


Scrap Glass Definitions

Container Glass Cullet: crushed or whole scrap soda-limesilica container glass.

Unprocessed Container Glass Cullet: broken or whole scrap glass containers that comply with the proper ISRI glass specifications.

Processed (Furnace Ready) Container Glass Cullet:
crushed and whole contaminate-free scrap container glass that complies with the proper ISRI glass specifications.

Organic Matter: consists of organic materials that are non-container glass items; for example, paper labels should not exceed 0.2%.

Ferrous Materials: are magnetic metals, i.e. steel, iron, etc., and therefore must be removed during scrap glass processing.

Non-ferrous Materials: are non-magnetic metals, i.e. aluminum, lead, copper, etc., and therefore must be removed during glass processing.