Eddy-Current (EC) Scrap

Note Note: Specifications for clean aluminum scrap produced by demanufacturing or pretreating EOL scrap prior to shredding can be found under ISRI Guidelines for Nonferrous Scrap. For aluminum streams that contain less than 85% aluminum, consult the general aluminum scrap specifications.


Shall consist of a combination of nonferrous metals that should be predominately aluminum but may contain statistically significant percentages of zinc or other nonferrous metals. Bulk density to be a minimum of 30 pounds per cubic foot and subject to terms between buyer and seller. Material to be bought/sold under this guideline shall be identified as EM2 with a number to follow indicating the estimated percentage of nonferrous metal (e.g., EM2-90 means the material contains approximately 90% nonferrous metal content). May also be screened to permit description by specific size ranges. Note: Refer to ISRI nonferrous specification for Zorba.

Effective as of: July 14th, 2022


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