Eddy-Current (EC) Aluminum

Shall consist of the shredded aluminum fraction generated by EC separation of electronic products being predominately aluminum. Bulk density to be a minimum of 30 pounds per cubic foot (subject to terms between buyer and seller). Material may contain agreed-upon amounts of zinc and copper but shall not contain more than a total 5% maximum of nonmetallics, of which no more than 1% shall be rubber and plastics. To be free of excessively oxidized material and any sealed or pressurized items. Any variation to be sold by special arrangement between buyer and seller. Note: Refer to ISRI nonferrous specifications for Tweak or Twitch.

Effective as of: July 14th, 2022


Iron Frag

Item Code: EM5

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Light Iron

Item Code: EM4

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Circuitboards and Shredded Circuitboards From the Processing of End-of-Life Electronics

Item Code: EM3

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Eddy-Current (EC) Scrap

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Shall consist of a combination of nonferrous metals that should be predominately aluminum but may co...

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