Light Iron

Shall consist of whole No. 1 and whole No. 2 wrought iron and/or steel scrap and No.1 busheling from the manual dismantling of electronic products. Refer also to 200, 204, and 207 Guidelines for Ferrous Scrap.

Effective as of: July 14th, 2022


Iron Frag

Item Code: EM5

Shall consist of shredded No. 1 and No. 2 whole wrought iron and/or steel scrap and No. 1 busheling ...

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Circuitboards and Shredded Circuitboards From the Processing of End-of-Life Electronics

Item Code: EM3

Shall consist of whole or shredded copper/precious metal bearing populated or unpopulated circuitboa...

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Eddy-Current (EC) Scrap

Item Code: EM2

Shall consist of a combination of nonferrous metals that should be predominately aluminum but may co...

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Eddy-Current (EC) Aluminum

Item Code: EM1

Shall consist of the shredded aluminum fraction generated by EC separation of electronic products be...

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