Turnings, No. 1


HTS CODE: 7204410060

Heavy turnings from wrought iron and/or steel railroad axles or heavy forgings and/or rail chips, to weigh not less than 75 pounds per cubic foot. Free from dirt or other foreign material of any kind. Alloy steel scrap may be excluded from these specifications by mutual agreement between buyer and seller.

Effective as of: July 14th, 2022


Destroyed Steel Cars

Item Code: (45)

Bodies of steel cars cut apart sufficiently to load. (Specify kind.)

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Destroyed Steel Cars Sides and Box Car Roofs

Item Code: (45A)

Cut to a maximum length of... and a maximum width of... suitable for use in super presses and shears...

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Rail, Steel No. 3

Item Code: (29)

Standard section tee, girder, and/or guard rails, to be free from frog and switch rails not cut apar...

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Rail, Steel No. 2 Cropped Rail Ends

Item Code: (28C)

Standard section, original weight 50 pounds per yard and over, 3 feet long and under.

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Sheet Scrap, No. 2

Item Code: (31)

Galvanized or tinned material and/or gas retorts, and/or any other iron or steel material not otherw...

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