Bundled No. 2 steel


HTS CODE: 7204490040

Wrought iron or steel scrap, black or galvanized, 1/8 inch and over in thickness, compressed to charging box size and weighing not less than 75 pounds per cubic foot. Auto body and fender stock, burnt or hand stripped, may constitute a maximum of 60 percent by weight. (This percent based on makeup of auto body, chassis, driveshafts, and bumpers.) Free of all coated material, except as found on automobiles.

Effective as of: July 14th, 2022


Auto slabs

Item Code: 224

Clean automobile slabs, cut 3 feet x 18 inches and under.

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Iron borings

Item Code: 223

Clean cast iron or malleable iron borings and drillings, free of steel turnings, scale, lumps or exc...

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Mill scale

Item Code: 228

Dark colored, ranging from blue to black, ferro-magnetic iron oxide forming on the surface of steel ...

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Briquetted iron borings

Item Code: 226

Analysis and density to consumer’s specifications.

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Briquetted steel turnings

Item Code: 227

Analysis and density to consumer’s specifications.

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