Billet, bloom and forge crops


HTS CODE: 720449

Billet, bloom, axle, slab, heavy plate and heavy forge crops, containing not over 0.05 percent phosphorus or sulphur and not over 0.5 percent silicon, free from alloys. Dimensions not less than 2 inches in thickness, not over 18 inches in width, and not over 36 inches in length.

Effective as of: July 14th, 2022


Heavy turnings

Item Code: 251

Short, heavy steel turnings, containing not over 0.05 percent phosphorus or sulphur and free of allo...

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Chargeable slab crops

Item Code: 249

Chargeable slab crops for material to be suitable and acceptable to the consumer containing not over...

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Silicon bundles

Item Code: 250

Silicon sheet scrap, clippings or skeleton scrap, compressed or hand bundled, to charging box size, ...

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Foundry steel, 1 foot and under

Item Code: 243

Same specifications as 2-foot material, except for length.

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Low residual, ductile quality shredded clips

Item Code: 243B

Shredded black 1000 series carbon steel scrap, 1/8 inch and over in thickness, minimum average densi...

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